Men superfoods for sexual health

Men superfoods for sexual healthMany men try to find “miraculous pill” that will give them a longer and harder erection. Although, sexual health depends on a diet and life style. Researchers from all over the world conduct a lot of surveys on question of a nutrition effects on male sexuality. Some findings are considered to be conventional and demand no more proof. So what are the best natural treatments for erectile dysfunction?

Onions and garlic

Despite of the fact that onions don’t make a sexual breath, they really affect male sexuality. Garlic and onions are famous not only for antiseptic effects. They perfectly regulate blood sugar and stimulate immune reactions. The key ingredient is allicin, a phytochemical that presents both in onions and garlic and improves blood circulation.


Another phytochemical enhancing a blood circulation (and therefore erection) is potassium. It is contained in fresh bananas. Regular consuming of these fruits maintains good sodium level and prevents blood pressure drops. In addition, bananas when they are included in men’s regular menu perfectly reduce risk of heart attack. Alternative source of potassium is orange juice.


This mineral is famous for its positive effect on a skin and eyesight, but also it is vital for a men’s health. Zinc is involved in a testosterone production which has a great impact on sexual desire and drive. Some men try to reimburse it eating supplements. Although the best natural source of zinc are oysters. First choice alternatives are pumpkin seeds or a set of nuts.


Chillies, curry, pepper and other spices expand blood vessels and therefore effect the erection. When vessels are opened and muscles relaxed, blood flows from the main arteries filling a spongy tissue. That is why penis lengthens and increases in size. Erection becomes harder and stronger with spicy food. Actually a lot of natural substitutes of “Viagra” contain ordinary spices for doing this job. So, why not to replace them with a truly natural product?

Coffee Cup

Caffeine gives energy, but not only. It also boosts a metabolism, enhancing a blood circulation. Moreover, regular use of caffeine in combination with exercises reduces a fat percentage and improves testosterone production. Although there are still a lot of debates on topics of regular caffeine taking, occasional moderate use is not harmful.

Are you sure about alcohol?

Researchers from Harvard found that one regular glass of a red wine served with fruits and berries reduces not only risk of a heart attack. It perfectly prevents erectile dysfunction (ED). Red wine works like Viagra because of the special antioxidant called resveratrol. It stimulates better blood flow in main arteries and small vessels by increasing the production of nitric oxide. Of course it’s better to stop after one dose.


These nuts decrease cholesterol level and lower blood sugar. The secret almond ingredients are plant sterols and set of amino acids. They boost testosterone and help to achieve better erection. Other natural treatment, containing in these snacks, is vitamin E, which eliminates dangerous free radicals from arteries and improves blood circulation.


These red vegetables are rich in lycopene, which reduces the cholesterol level and risk of blood vessels disease. Tomatoes are effective both processed and fresh. When they’re fried or boiled it’s even easier for a male to absorb the nutritive ingredients. As a bonus to a sexual health they provide better mood for our lungs, skin and stomach.

Food with B1

There is one more superfood for sexual health which has an interesting effect. Very few people know that pork improves neuron health. The secret ingredient is vitamin B1 or thiamine, which is responsible for an adequate work of nervous system. For those who try vegetarian lifestyle whole meal bread or beans are the best alternative sources of B1.


There is good news for those who love red fish. Just one serve of salmon contains approximately 500 milligrams of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), enhancing nerve cells communication. Male vascular system demands a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. And the best source of it is a well-cooked salmon. It is proved that DHA mount decreases with age, thus let’s make up the loss of it with a fish diet.


Such phytochemicals as anthocyanins, which are contained in colorful plant chemicals protect our arteries and eliminate risk of atherosclerosis. Cherries, goji, blue berries are full of this natural ED treatment. Although some brightly colored fruits also may clean vessels from cholesterol and eliminate free radicals from male body.

And remember, regardless of what you eat, that reducing of stress level is no less important than proper nutrition.