Five Reasons of Male Impotence

What is characterized male impotence by?

What is characterized male impotence by?

Impotence is characterized by an extreme degree of erectile dysfunction – when the sexual act, in principle, is not available. For a long time, the diagnosis of “Impotence” is set to all, without exception, to men who complained of reduction of the duration and strength of penile erections. However, there are patients who have saved erectile functions, but their strength is not enough for a full sexual intercourse. In addition, during the special sociological study found that there are more people with reduced quality of erections than people with complete lack of them.

Pathological causes of erectile dysfunction – is Peyronie’s disease, irregular structure of the urethral orifice. But these are rare diseases. An erection occurs in case the penis increases in size, acquiring the firm and are full of blood. Symptoms of erectile pathologies depend on the species. The organic shape is different: it progresses, the pathology is manifested not suddenly, but gradually, attraction to the partner disappears not only at night but in the morning. The basis of this type of pathology is diseases associated with dysfunction of the internal organs of the body.

  1. Hypogonadism of men – this is lack of development and testicular hypo function due to the direct effects of the pathological process in the testicles (primary hypogonadism) or due to insufficient production of pituitary gonadotropins. Primary hypogonadism develops in diseases such as Klinefelter syndrome, testicular trauma, surgical removal of the testicles, mumps (epidparotit), syphilis, gonorrhea, effects of ionizing radiation. Secondary hypogonadism occurs more frequently due to hypothalamic-pituitary insufficiency, leading to a decrease in the production of gonadotropins followed by a decrease in the content of androgens. Causes of secondary hypogonadism are pituitary tumors, genetic dwarfism and other pathological conditions and diseases.
  2. A common cause of impotence – autonomic neuropathy. It is with autonomic neuropathy often associated with diabetes, impotence (it is detected in 10-25% of young and 50% of elderly patients with diabetes). There is a strong correlation between the NDMP (according customary) and impotence. Impotence associated with damage to the autonomic nervous system, and often develops in diseases such as alcoholic polyneuropathy, primary amyloidosis, Shy-Dragger syndrome and familial autonomic dysfunction.
  • Neutrogena impotence is often found in patients with multiple sclerosis and do not always correspond to the severity of the disease.
  • In most cases, at the intersection of the spinal cord at the cervical or thoracic ability to get an erection is restored.
  • Impotence may also occur in tumors or trauma of the temporal lobe. Describe the reduction of sexual activity in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy, but it is possible that in these cases psychogenic factors are important.
  • Impotence associated with Parkinson’s disease often runs in the treatment of levodopa. Sometimes levodopa and dopamine agonists cause hyper sexuality elderly.
  • For the emergence and maintenance of an erection there must be sufficient blood flow to the penis, and thus the atherosclerotic narrowing of the abdominal aorta or iliac arteries can lead to impotence.
  • Venous fistula of penis – a rare cause of impotence.
  1. If a person takes hormones that affect the production of male hormones, of course, will be broken the entire mechanism of the hormonal system. And this leads to problems with erection and possible impotence. Another class of substances that can cause problems – are drugs that act on the cortex. In addition, the drug can block the nerve endings, which should be responsible for erection.
  2. Neurological pathology. These diseases include the peripheral nerves or the brain type. It is sclerosis, epilepsy, poor circulation.
  3. Psychological causes are associated with depression or neurosis, wearing a protracted nature, in the absence of adequate treatment. These include problems with a loved one, a mismatch in sex habits. Physical fatigue of men may be due to his inability to satisfy his partner, as well as his age.

In case of violation of blood volume moving through the arteries, the erection does not occur or it occurs, but in an unsatisfactory amount. Varicose veins of the penis erection is present, but not for long. Sexual intercourse is not fully terminated. Generally, it is typical for patients with inflammatory processes in the vascular sheath. In addition, in impotence causes is included penile vasoconstriction. It is characterized by impaired blood flow in the penile blood vessels.