Cleaning The Body Of Man Before Conceiving

 By conceiving a child must be approached thoroughly: in advance to be examined, tested, clean and strengthen body. However, this should be done not only by woman, but also by man. After all, quality of seminal fluid directly affects successful emergence of small life and health of future baby.

According to Andrology Center data, it is worth starting body cleaning no later than three months before planned conception. It`s this minimal term that is necessary to remove toxins and get rid of negative effects of bad habits.

In this article you will find general information and recommendations on how to prepare male body from inside for successful fertilization and conception of healthy baby.

Cleaning the body of man before conceiving

It is produced in the following manner:

  • If there are bad habits, such as smoking, it is worth at least temporarily before conceiving to try to abandon them. Taking alcohol even in small doses isn`t recommended.    
  • It`s desirable for man not to be in contact with harmful substances (for example, paint, varnish, enamel, glue, etc.); poisonous vapors may adversely affect quality of sperm. If work is directly related to these substances, take vacation and improve your health.
  • To make it easier for body to get rid of toxins and toxins, it`s important to drink at least two liters of clean drinking water every day.
  • Healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition – key to successful conception. It`s better to refuse fatty, fried, salty, spicy foods, fast foods, smoked foods, products with preservatives and sweet soda water. As you know, such food adversely affects human health. You can turn to nutritionist who will select an individual balanced diet and help you make an approximate menu.
  • You can drink variety of herbal teas. Certain fees can stimulate bowels, detoxify, cleanse blood and lymph, have diuretic, choleretic and sedative effects.  
  • Man should enter into your diet honey. It is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, removes toxins from body. In addition, it is useful and nutritious complex of vitamins and microelements.
  • Fresh squeezed juices are good natural solvent of slags and toxins: beetroot, cabbage, apple, carrot, radish, and others. It is worth to use them in small quantities before eating three times a day.
  • By appointment of doctor, you can drink course of sorbents. They are able to cleanse gastric juices and blood from harmful accumulations.
  • Saunas, baths and hot baths should be abandoned. High temperatures adversely affect sperm and, accordingly, successful conception.
  • It`s important to get rid of internal parasites that poison human body and lead to many diseases. Doctor according to indications will prescribe drugs from worms.

Conception and childbirth is an important moment in life of each pair. If you decide on this step, don`t be lazy and prepare your body. Cleaning male body from toxins, toxins, getting rid of harmful habits is one of main stages of preparation for successful pregnancy for women.